Morning Blessings

My precious gift:

You start every day off with a smile and a little made-up melody. This morning is was your rendition of “this little light of mine” with some words changed to fit your world view.  

Do you know, that when you share those with me you help start my day with joy beyond measure?

And you remind me that my job in those early minutes of the morning is to keep that smile on your face and that song in your heart.  

Despite feeling rushed. 

Or cereal spilled on the floor.

Or toothpaste dripped on your clean clothes.

Or not being able to find that matching shoe.

How blessed are we that we get to wake up happy every morning?  

Blessed beyond words, for sure. 

I know that not everyone is that fortunate.  And I know that even when it is difficult, one of the most important things I can do for you every morning is to make sure that a piece of happiness stays with you as you head out the door, into the world…without me by your side.

If I help that happiness stick all morning long, my hope is that it helps you muddle through some of the harder, less happy times, you may face in your day….

(…and my darling, I hope beyond hope you don’t have to face them, but I also know…the world isn’t always a ‘nice’ place…)

As you grow and blossom into this wonderful not-so-tiny human, please know my love for you knows no bounds and is not just reserved for mornings.

I want so much for you in this world.

I want to encourage you and cherish your bold sense of adventure.

I want to travel the world with you.

I want to share in your joy of learning new things.

I want you to know the feeling of an enduring love (like your dad and I have found with each other).

But for now, all I want is to watch you smile and hang on to each of these small new moments one at a time.

For now, I want to make sure every morning starts with happiness.

The rest will come, too quickly perhaps. 

So I will give you happy mornings. 

And cuddles whenever you want them.

And stories before bedtime.

And head-rubs as you fall off to sleep.

And I will let you sleep next to me as long as you like, enjoy your toes curling against my legs, and hold your hand every moment I can.

You see, my sweet, strong, creative, bold girl, I know you are growing – minute by minute, day by day, year by year…and I know that while you will always and forever be my baby, you will only be little for a little while longer.

And yes, you will without a doubt keep growing, but the blessing you give me each morning with your songs will never grow old. 

~ mamaimg_2651

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