I am a self-ascribed ‘hot mess mama’ currently living in the North County of San Diego, California.  I am a professor of literature, an education consultant specializing in project-based learning, an avid runner, cyclist, and triathlete, a voracious wine drinker, and a proud Navy wife.  I am from the mid-west originally, Grand Rapids, Michigan to be exact.  I love old, fat, books and my Ph.D. is in 19th Century Literature.  I have a passion for writing and have been published in HuffPost, ScaryMommy, and Motherly and am also a contributing writer for the San Diego Moms Blog.  When I started this blog, my daughter was just learning to roll over, was just starting to giggle, and her daddy was on yet another deployment. Five years later, we have a bold, daring, and creative young lady, who is the light of our lives, and daddy is back from about the third deployment since her birth!  I couldn’t be happier with this crazy life we lead! Thanks for reading!

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